Road Wisdom: Danish Pride

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A pinch of adventure

~ Danes love their little nation! When driving through the countryside, you’ll see that lots of houses in Denmark have a flag pole in their  garden, many of them without a flag because the ‘Danebro’ is traditionally only hoisted for welcoming visitors, on national holidays, for Royal birthdays or for anniversaries closer to home. It flies at half-mast in times of national or personal grief or tragedy. The flag is truly a part of Danish culture. Also, the Royal family is close to the hearts of many Danes and (practice) parades with royal guards are not an uncommon sight in the capital. So don’t joke about Royals and flags if you want to be sure to make some Danish friends. ~

DSCF4539 copy ‘Danebro’ – Danish National Flag © Siel Wellens, 2011

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