Road Wisdom: Kwasibita Medicine

A pinch of adventure

My kwasibita-cup from Suriname
© Bart Wellens, 2014

Tropical forests contain plenty of medicinal trees, but let me tell you about a specific one in South America, the kwasibita tree (Quassia Amara). Only in Suriname can you find the so-called kwasibita-cups carved out of the tree’s wood. When ill, water is poured into the cup and after a short soak the bitter water can be drunk as a medicine. Outside Suriname the wood and leaves of the tree are used to chew-on or make a tea out of. The tree has tons of medicinal components that act against malaria, fever and all kinds of organ diseases, you name it.. most likely this natural product will be able to ease your suffering. So if you’re a tropical backpacker, buy yourself one of these cups if you’re passing through Suriname! ~

Note: this text is only informative and is not…

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